Mixing tracks for the album Six String Slinger


5 songs are mixed, 8 are left to mix. Expected release summer 2014.

Track listing:

1) Here’s Johnny (1:17)
2) Boy toy (4:48)
3) Walk away (4:31)
4) I can’t feel you in my heart (5:31)
5) Just a little (4:42)
6) Melt into you (4:00)
7) Flying blind (4:02)
8) 100 miles from nowhere (5:08)
9) T.G.I.F. (3:35)
10) Both feet planted (4:19)
11) F.W.B. (4:28)
12) City lights (4:58)
13) Jeannie Marie (3:50)


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New video promo 2014: Beach Music- Steel Pan, Ukulele & Guitar




Check out my new video demo for 2014. Here I demonstrate my looping technique live where I play a guitar part, loop it, and then play steel pan or ukulele, while singing.




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Projects under development….

SIX STRING SLINGER, John Baldwin’s 2nd CD.

My album was 95 % finished when my recording studio computer crashed 18 months ago. I just got the problem fixed, all my files are SAVED! Now I just need to record a couple more tracks and mix the remaining songs. The album should be done by next summer with a massive release.


I have been recording a lot of videos for my songs. These videos and various live videos being edited and assembled now for a DVD release.


This will be last hard-copy CD release. I am writing and recording Christian songs using live looping technology that I use in my live performances.



I have about 10 albums worth of material that will find it’s way into an eventual box set of some format. This is a massive project. I will release this after my 3rd CD, a Christian album and ¬†produce no more CDs. Included in the Box Set is my 3 official albums, my unreleased country album. my TV and film soundtrack music, collaborations with other artists, jazz, Christmas, and live cover songs.




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